• All Leagues are 13 Weeks and will run September through November. There will be 11 games one final tournament and one BYE week
  • Each week, teams will play one opponent, 3 games and will run 1 hour.
  • Early Slots will rotate time schedules but will play at 6:00 pm, 7:00 pm & 8:00 pm
  • Late Slots games will be 8:00 pm, 9:00 pm, 10:00 pm
  • The final two weeks will be playoff weeks. 
  • All teams are coed unless otherwise specified.
  • First 20 teams registered will get a $100 credit towards the Spring League.
  • All Teams registered before August 1st will get free Open Play passes (Up to $150 Value)
  • If you have something particular you are looking for please call 516-764-1555

Adult Mon-Sunday Leagues

Monday Night Leagues

Tuesday Night Leagues

Wednesday Night Leagues

Thursday Night Leagues

Sunday Night Leagues


The Winter 2 Season starts end of February or early March depending on your league day of week.

ALL LEAGUES are 12 Weeks, Including Playoffs

Free Agent Registration Available for all options.

The schedule is as follows.

*Monday* – Teams are $650
Early – Co-ed 4’s
Late – Co-ed 4’s

*Tuesday* – $695 per team 
Early – Comp Co-Ed 4’s 
Late – Comp Co-Ed 4’s

*Wednesday* $745 per team
Early – Rec 6’s Co Ed Mandatory
Late – Rec 6’s Co Ed Mandatory – SAVE $50

*Thursday* – $745 per team
Early – Rec 6’s Co Ed 
Late – Rec 6’s Co Ed – SAVE $50

Call Today to Register at 516-764-1555

Recreational Leagues are for the beginner to intermediate players and rules are a little lax especially with net and carry plays

Intermediate & Competitive Leagues are expected to follow the rules

*Please note: If you sign up to play on two teams in the same time slot, your teams may face each other during the regular and post season.